An Experienced Web Designer, Web Developer & an SEO Specialist.

Welcome to WOWSEEM, A website where i showcase My works, What i do? & Share everything i learned.

Who am i?

I am a full-stack Web Developer, Professional Web Designer, and an SEO Expert

Web Designer
I love to design custom, simple, alluring, & result-driven website that delivers the results for brands. As a professional web designer i do not compromise on the user experience, usability, and credibility.
Web Developer
I am a full-stack web developer and have expertise in several programming languages HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQLi, Apache. I develop Scalable, Responsive, & Secure front-end & back-end with performance in mind by writing minimum & validated codes.
SEO Expert
I am doing and continuously learning search engine optimization from 6 years. As an SEO expert, I just do white label organic SEO to break the strong competition & bypass competitors in SEO race.
As a professional web designer, web developer, and an SEO specialist, I love to help others because i believe the only thing to do with the knowledge is to pass it on, it is never of any use to oneself.

About me

Hi there, thank you for showing some interest to more about me.

I’m Waseem Ahmed, A full-stack Web Developer, Web Designer, and an SEO Expert from Pakistan, Karachi, living in the UAE, Dubai. I started designing websites for just entertainment back in 2007, and it became my primary hobby throughout adolescence.

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My expertise

I believe that, with my skills, experience, and attitudes, I can bring a lot to your company.

UX Design
I have 8 years of experience in web designing & it’s analytics. And to improve my skills i am obsessed with constant UX research.
Web Design
I design simple, alluring & result-driven website that delivers the results. I focus on end-users and add some creativity in simplicity.
Web Development
I write minimum & validated codes to develop High-Performing & Fully Responsive Website’s back-end & front-end.
Web Applications
My custom web app expertise are exceptional. I can develop custom CMS, CRM, HRM, to E-Commerce website of any complexity.
PPC Management
I have expertise & experience that a PPC expert required, Result-driven landing page optimization, Crucial keyword research, Targeted campaign setup & more.
As an SEO expert i guarantee top rankings by doing white label organic search engine optimization and i am here for SEO consultancy as well.
I also develop websites using WordPress, which makes editing your website so easy. For more complex websites I spend time on back-end so no technicality required to manage it.
Consulting & Education
Time is the most important thing in this world, and i believe a little knowledge can save huge time, and the only thing to do with knowledge is to pass it on, it is never of any use to oneself.

Recent works

Here are some of my works, which completely designed and developed by me individually.