About Me

Hi there, Thank you for showing some interest to know more about me.

I’m Waseem Ahmed, a core html, css, js, & php web front-end & back-end developer, with experience of UX based web designing & SEO.

I belong to Pakistan, Karachi, living in the UAE, Dubai. I started designing websites for just entertainment back in 2007, and it became my primary hobby throughout adolescence.

This is my personal website, I started WOWSEEM.COM as a portal to share my works & everything i learned, I write about what i know & love to share by writing articles on SEO, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, & WordPress.

I speak Urdu & English, watch cricket, movies, and love to write codes.


Some Companies, I have worked for

  • British Kitchens
  • Bin Khumery
  • Lechocola
  • Sabah Commercial Brokers
  • Xpress Logistics
  • Software Island
  • BWCN IT Solutions
  • NOWDEEM – Men’s Fashion


What I’m doing now

  • Working for MIH HOME
  • Writing several articles.
  • Looking for a good book to read.

Updated Jul 3, 2019